21 day of going live – playing and singing – Amorati

21 day of going live – playing and singing

I always knew I wanted to sing. It gave me a lot of joy and success, but I had a problem: it was very difficult for me to access it, so I lost the habit of singing.

So I did a test: go live on Facebook and YouTube, play and sing for 21 days.

How did it go?

✨First week:

The first days went well, but little by little it started to become more and more difficult to go on the air, it seemed that I didn’t know what new I could present, there was more and more resistance inside.

✨Second week:

I felt great resistance, I looked for hundreds of reasons not to do it.
I started not being able to get on the air on time, there were huge explosions going on inside, which required all my strength not to miss a single day.

✨Third week:

I started to notice the recurring scenarios my mind created and I already knew what to do to avoid them.
I’m back to the exact time to go live.
The work flowed easily, the songs were created even during the live broadcast. It was a blessing.

✨After 21 days:

I continued to make music, and sometimes I felt strange that I no longer needed to go live.
During this process, I got to know the musicians with whom I started recording and thus the First Album was born.
I really didn’t know what the results would be, but I knew one thing: I like music, singing and I’m good at it.

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