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Welcome to Amorati

A space of love. Warm your heart and draw the most amazing drawing of your life.

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I am inspired to share and remind you that we are all one.

We are what we choose to be in every moment and our environment (or external world) is just reflection of us. When we awake from the deep sleep and illusion, our eyes not only can look but also see. We can feel our great power in this creation, on Earth.

Private Sessions

Hypnotherapy. I call it – antihypnosis consultation because we automatically hypnotize every day without even realizing it. We say words to ourselves quietly in our minds. And what we tell – we manifest in real life.

Stop and see what kind of hypnosis you are creating for yourself right now.


Addiction to computer games

This is a KNOWN space, full of CONTROL. The man says, “I want to TRY to learn, to learn more, […]

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Awakening When fear does not exist When fear is not affected When fear is just an illusion And the real […]

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Hypnosis, meditation, self-education

Hypnosis, meditation, self-education – all this has a great impact on our well-being and quality of life. Let’s examine why […]

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