Addictions – why do they appear? – Amorati

Addictions – why do they appear?

Addictions, to people, partners, drugs and the like – why do they appear?

✨When a person begins to put his happiness in the hands of other people, when he becomes dependent on other people and thus covers up his own feelings and needs with external anesthetics, such as alcohol, smoking and other addictions.

✨A person tends to addictions out of the desire not to feel pain in himself, in this case they act as anesthetics, “helping” a person not to feel internal pain anymore.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s alcohol or smoking or video games and shopping – the main root of addictions is pain, loneliness, separation.

By loving yourself, shedding masks and letting go of old pain, you can easily get rid of any addiction and hypnosis is the most direct, effective way to a new, free and joyful life.

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