A woman who has healed herself after the death of a loved one.
It was convenient to cry and go into the role of victim.
But in one miraculous moment, I was able to make a decision:

⁃ Stand up and go to live.
⁃ Take responsibility.
⁃ Love myself.
⁃ With gratitude.
⁃ With humble.

The road was full of lessons, rising and falling and rising again. When by accident – I learned to learn more easily, without pain and suffering. Just rewriting the subconscious. I realized very quickly, and already after 21 days, I was convinced that it was the perfect tool to quickly and stably restore everything to its axis, to the center, to balance. And complete peace of mind. That’s how I found the perfect tool – hypnosis. It was an incredible discovery.

Deja – Vu

During one hypnosis, quite unexpectedly, deja-vu visited. Not right away, but very quickly, I realized that by nature I understand how hypnosis works, I just feel it. Yes, after a while, I became a Master of Hypnosis. I switched from darkness to light. It is a great joy that I have succeeded, so I share information, I share experiences.

I am a mother of 4 children and I know they are learning from me now, so everything I produce with hypnosis or music is to show them the beauty – the love of life. That future generations would only have more light, transparency and truth.


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