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I am raising 4 children and I know they learn from me. Therefore, everything I create with hypnosis or music is to show them the beauty of life and love. It is important to me that future generations have more and more light, transparency and truth, so my work is dedicated to them.


I healed myself after the death of a loved one. When I lost my husband, it was convenient for me to cry and live as a victim. But everything has a beginning and an end, and I had a magical moment where I was able to make significant decisions:

Stand up and experience the most beautiful life
Take responsibility
Live in humility
To love myself
Live in gratitude

My path was full of lessons. I kept falling down and getting back up, falling again and getting back up, never giving up. Perseverance and determination led me to the most important lesson – I learned to learn easily, without pain and suffering. I learned to control the tool with which I rewrite what is accumulated in the subconscious.

After using this tool for 21 days, I convinced myself that it is perfect – it quickly and stably restores everything to its axis, to the center, to the balance. This discovery gave me complete, complete peace.

I found the perfect tool – hypnosis. It was and is an incredible discovery.



During one hypnosis, quite unexpectedly, I was visited by deja-vu. Not immediately, but very quickly I understood – I naturally understand how hypnosis works, I feel it. Yes, after some time, I became a Master of Hypnosis. I passed from darkness to light. I am happy with an open heart that I was able to achieve this. This great joy can be experienced by each of us. Therefore, I share information and my personal experience with others, with you.


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