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Subconscious glossary


The subconscious affects every thought and action of ours.
This is how we program with our own words and images.
A word is an expression of accumulated energy that creates matter – exactly, directly, that what is said.



New Additions

This is the result of fright.

At the moment of fright, the person decides / trusts that it is his fault, that he deserves that fright because he was not loved. And in that moment of fright, he decides to punish himself, that is, “interfere” with life.

A great sense of worthlessness – to punish yourself somehow, to generally “exist“. Making sure that only an environmental permit will allow you to be free from stuttering and the like. As a result, people often do not stutter  with loved ones because they know they are allowed to be themselves. But there is no one to give “permission to be yourself” on the street / in an unfamiliar environment. Therefore, the man holds the conviction, even for 30 years, that “the mother gave permission to be happy because there was no need to look after the brother at that time” (as an example). Happiness in captivity has been recorded for over 30 years.


When you say a word many times, a belief is programmed, the word comes true.

“No one understands me” – it is a sign that a person is going to separate. It causes anxiety, very much anxiety, even to self-destruction.

It is better not to use such a phrase.

“I’m trying”, – says the man, “but I’m trying hard”.

In fact, it shows that a person is trapped and doesn’t really know how to get out of stagnation. Sometimes you don’t even notice it, but it’s so self-punishing, and even addictive.

Extreme procrastination, stress bearing, panic. When in fact, instead of trying, do it right away, right now.

If you have been told to try to lift your leg, try to raise your leg now, see how you will try. How much did the leg rise? Zero.

And now just lift your leg and it will rise. The more effort, the more stress and panic.

My other half is what my partner says.

It seems like a very innocent saying, but it works deeply. When a partner is called the “other side“, the subconscious crawls terribly. Since man is a unit, the whole complete unit, if he begins to call the partner next to me “my other half,” the subconscious responds.

A client came with a heart arrhythmia. When we asked the subconscious where the root was, the woman called her husband, “my other half.”

Repeating this often, the words materialize and the heart begins to divide in the other half, the arteries of the heart of the stage begin to produce, new veins still produce, and when blood enters there, the heart does not receive a strong pulse to maintain a steady rhythm.

Under hypnosis, a woman realized that she is a whole unit, and her partner is also a unit. Immediately the woman began to breathe more calmly, relief came.

Another patient came due to very severe baldness, with almost no hair on one side.

She also called her partner “my other half“. The subconscious was completely confused about how to react to it and just destroyed one side of the man, the hair slipping fast.

When the woman realized this, she suddenly began to feel her head stretched back to the center, as if half her head had regained energy and regained a sense of fullness, peace.

Feelings and emotions

Depression is suppressed, depressed feelings, oppression and as severe as it would be. There was a lot of frustration, great shock, surprise, betrayal among the loved ones. Something terrible has been seen and it is often the case that makes you feel hopeless, want to disappear and be in the dark, go out, not burn out, no longer see because all your values ​​are forgotten.

For example, when a child’s parents are constantly beating, angry, screaming, where alcohol is often ingrained, blaming all values, a loved one tramples on a loved one and even a weaker woman. It is a huge suffering for a child to see and he just goes out, suppresses his feelings, emotions, eloquence, closes everything, hides it and fills it with darkness. It goes into dark mode because it makes it easier to see and not know anything.

One day it was believed that there was nothing but suffering, darkness and it had to be hidden as far away as possible – that is, compressed, crushed and pushed as far away as possible.

Then the person no longer feels, the energy stops, stands, does not move, just fades inside, inside.

Therefore, antidepressants save this self-destruction from being seen or felt at all.

The farther away, the scarier the whole picture looks. But the way back is to open your heart, which is the scariest thing a depressed person can offer.

Only with the help of hypnosis can a person see the truth and be determined to open his heart again, and that is the only salvation because light is finally coming. And again in life comes light, smile, joy.

A huge victim syndrome that creates all the possible excuses for why life is boring. A lot of masks are put on until you get lost between the masks and you no longer know where the real truth is.

The meaning lies among the masks created, between the position of the victim, with excuses such as the death of a loved one. There is such a solution that if he / she leaves, he / she does not love me, and then lies, laziness, loses confidence, thus losing the meaning of life, because it is forgotten, hidden somewhere far inside.

To get away from it all because it is unsafe, you need to hide, build a wall and hide. The betrayal of a loved one, mother or father, and the struggle with a loved one, only to humble oneself even more. Huge distrust of the environment.

Separation, created a great veil, shelled around you to protect yourself because it feels different and it seems that if you are different from everyone else, then everyone else can destroy you. We must therefore guard against everyone and the environment.

When a wall, a veil, is placed, it really is, and the heart is hidden from reality. When the heart is far away, hidden, compressed – we forget who we are, so we no longer accept ourselves. And when we do not accept ourselves, we no longer recognize them and there is nothing left inside.

Anger is a huge pain from childhood, often experienced in violence.

Both hurt and severely hurt, why is it better for others, but not for me…

Then that pain erupts through anger, spilling over others because it feels greatly offended. Then anger erupts and you even want to hurt someone else too, reduce the great injustice and pain.

Treatment: Forgive for everything that was there, reconcile with the parents. Change the meaning of events.

Peace is lost in self-resistance, when two opposites are felt at the same time – both fear and courage. Strong desire to control feelings to make you feel good. This means that when a person feels bad, it plays out that everything is fine because then it is easier to control him.

Unfeeling, there is still fear, loneliness, everything is boiling inside. You want to hide from reality, put on masks. Also, ignoring it, but all the emotions are kept inside and there is chaos, anger, fear – unpredictable actions, lack of self. You want to look calm, but inside there is always just chaos. This leads to disapproval of oneself and others.

The cure is to allow yourself to feel the way you are, just to be in the experience: black and white, fear and courage – they just are.

Being stuck in one place and the illusion that it will ever be better, running into the future, forgetting that we live in the present. Aiming for something that doesn’t really exist, and if what we’re running doesn’t exist, then the acceleration of running only increases. There is also stress, tension, fatigue, but there is no end to it. Just an even bigger run into an illusion.

The desire for naturalness, for certainty – because a person gets tired of pursuing an illusion that does not exist.

It feels because there is a separation from all, from a sense of One. It is difficult to breathe, panic attacks occur when a person does not feel addicted somewhere.

Because of being around, he sacrifices, decides to live outside his life, betray himself and do what he doesn’t like, just to not be left alone.

Stopping and reluctance to move, to do something in general – hands down, because hope is lost, great frustration, betrayal. Believing it better to just sit, watch and wait. This makes you feel safer and doesn’t hurt to move. Isolation from reality because it is difficult to convey. The person freezes, the energy is lost because it is believed that if the energy flowed, it would hurt.

The man closes his heart because it hurts too much. Then he hides, shrinks, and no longer expresses himself. Decides that it is less painful to just adjust and then no one will notice.

But in this way, self-betrayal creates fear of everything, distrust of oneself, one’s partner, the environment. Creativity can’t develop, it just closes. This is how a person feels stomach acid as if something should come out, but it is forbidden. In everyday life you feel helpless, apathy, unwillingness to act, laziness. It’s definitely better to be alone.


A huge fear of change, a life change that seems to diminish on its own. The only moment you can be with yourself is at night, so you need to wake up and be with yourself. It doesn’t matter that the next day is very difficult, but the program is accomplished – to be with yourself, not to rest, it’s at night, in bed, when everyone is asleep.

The belief that happiness is possible through suffering creates increasingly horrific situations that cause more and more suffering. Happiness is believed to be possible only when suffering and pain are felt. If this still fails, there is a lot of worry that the program has failed / that there is too much suffering – even COVID – and that there is no room left to create suffering. Because if there is still a little suffering, then only death remains. Great anxiety, as then with that happiness – no more success…

But how to live? How to feel that happiness when suffering is already killed? When more happiness does not increase, it ends because more suffering is unbearable.

You want more and more happiness from suffering. But suffering has limits, the limit is death, and there is nothing left, not even happiness.

Healing: Happiness comes from love, joy, the joy of the world – from pleasure, unconditional love and respect.


The feeling that being too bad, too bad, not having as much as others have, loneliness, creates a feeling of insecurity. Then you have to control everything, and to do that you have to turn your mind very hard to know everything, to watch others so that you can be in control. The head just heats up, the mind hot from endless thoughts. Insomnia even at night, a strained mind to just control everything correctly to benefit. This is how migraines prevail.

Treatment requires rest, pause, sleep, just complete peace of mind.


At the subconscious level, the belief is that it’s cool. For example, when smoking used to be fashionable and it even gave the charm of being “cool“, teenagers and even children chose to smoke. Even if they know it’s harmful, they’ve known it for 10, 20, 30 years. Their subconscious is stuck, and it is in this belief that “smoking is great“.

It could also be the mother of 3 children who hid in smoking so as not to set a bad example. There is a record in her subconscious that it is “cool“. Her subconscious mind is holy.

Another thing is the desire to belong to someone, to be connected, not to be separated. The teenager was convinced that being in the community, whether she had poisoned the body or not, was better than being alone in complete suffering.

It is the help of the mind to stay alive. Protection, from loneliness and maybe even death. This belief continues for decades. That’s why a person says, “When I’m sick, I go smoking.” You really go to your loyal friend, stay with the community, don’t feel lonely.

About self-expression.
When you sit in one place and you are already lazy, because it is boring – slowing down. Then the cough wakes up and forces you to move, soaking yourself out of deficiency.


Constant tension, without interruption, always. The hair roots are tense and do not absorb any nutrients, absolutely none – so that the hair dies.

Only half of yourself are felt, the other half belongs to the partner. He says, “he’s my other half.” The real meaning is that you are only half of yourself and the other half of yourself is he / she. This way half of the person starts the process of destruction and the hair starts to fall out quickly, the person spreads over large areas. There is always tension in the system because somehow you need to get rid of half of yourself. The person becomes addicted to the partner, resulting in a loss of self-esteem and this further increases the constant tension.

The desire to adapt, to accept, the belief that it is a gene because both mother and sister have it. The desire to be like that, to please mom. Out of great despair, pain and fear you want to adapt and no matter the personality itself, it is only important to adapt. Hair loss indicates a significant mismatch in the environment. In order not to become lonely, it is better to sacrifice yourself.

When a woman’s hair starts to grow on her body.

Imbalance of male and female energies. The woman, the child, lacked paternal love, she did everything, even activated the male hormones to make it masculine and so pleasurable.


Loneliness, loneliness.

There is a great lack of love.

Healing is felt when it looks like clay, dirt falls from the body.

When a person has not accepted the opinion of the world, or loved ones, or innovation – what is happening in the environment. It swallows dissatisfaction and anger within itself – so dirt begins to flow through the skin, namely anger.

Stop yourself, don’t move forward, be afraid to innovate because you’re sure you’ll feel good then. It does not accept the environment, but it no longer accepts itself – there is resistance.

There is a great fear of not being part of someone and being alone, far from the truth. The protection is designed to be calm – when you close, a veil is formed, the heart closes to keep from falling. And inside – hard thoughts, dislike, disappointments. Thus, the protective layer of the body does not withstand and begins to penetrate the skin, in the form of eczema.

In silence, in peace, when a person is alone, the truth penetrates and begins to feel a bit of a chronic chronic self-promotion. Skin wounds are a reason to stay even further, not to give up your hands – neither to a loved one, nor to go to people in general.


As a child, a person experiences painful events, a great scare to death. To survive – choose not to see.
Ostrich Syndrome – If you don’t see it, it won’t hurt, because seeing is equal to pain. It means when a person feels good, happy when he sees none, than he sees worse and worse. The more happiness, the bigger the minus in sight.

Conviction: “The more I see nothing, the happier I will be. And the happier I am, the less I see”.

Healing – Rewriting old children’s programs, rewriting beliefs that were created through fright.


Symbolizes the perception of new ideas, thoughts. As a small child, he tastes the world at the beginning, takes everything and tastes it, gets to know the environment through his mouth, tasting it. Oral problems, this is the inability to accept innovation in the environment.

When something new is very unexpected and suddenly, your mouth freezes, stagnation, then the pain in your teeth starts to go away.

It is a very deep anger, a strong anger, a betrayal of a very close person.

Anger, which is a very strong resentment, betrayal, frustration with a loved one like a mother, dad or grandparents, brothers and sisters.

There used to be a great deal of frustration, a pain that developed in childhood.

And it hurts again when a similar emotion repeats itself when you’re an adult. That pain intensifies again.

Until you realize it out of anger. The meaning of that event needs to be changed so that anger is gone.

Thinking about happiness while eating activates the jaw reflexes as soon as you feel emptiness, lack of love – your gums and mouth must function. Therefore, thinking about happiness day and night, gums, jaw activates the reflex and begins to clench with teeth and even very strongly, because it is never enough, the action takes place out of shortage, so a person even carries a grave to prevent teeth from breaking out.


Weight is really in both the mind and the body.

When balancing weight, it must be remembered that there must be a button on each body that allows you to balance weight. For example, a woman with heavy weight, with the help of hypnosis, understood and perceived the root of heavy weight and uprooted it. But the phenomenon was that the weight still adhered, even though it already felt light.

The bottom line was that the weight was released and she was no longer afraid to be first in her life, she was brave and didn’t have to cover herself with being overweight. But the problem was that the weight and body were not released. Significantly, she kept the weight in her body and the reason was that if she lost weight, she would find a husband, her life partner.

In that case, the weight would be no longer interesting, you would not have to eat much to feel the love, she would be around anyway. Therefore, in this place, the weight felt like a competitor with true love. It is very important to connect both mind and body to work synchronously.

Sometimes when a person takes on someone’s burden, they need wider shoulders, more body because a slender body will not report that much burden.

An example is a 56-year-old woman who says, “I have a very difficult, difficult life and I always have to take care of my mother.” But the burden taken over by the mother arose between the ages of 6 and 12, when the mother was hard and the child was forced to work hard, even too much, to help the parents. Even then, at the age of 6, the child decided he had to help, albeit too hard.

This is how he carried this belief on his shoulders for 50 years – he gained 110 kg. and still lived a hard life because it was hard for mom to help.

In order to recover, a person must regain himself in the first place, conforming to the mantra: I am first, I am second, I am third.

It is a great disappointment that no one loves, especially parents in childhood, loneliness, sadness, lack of love. It feels like an empty space that needs to be filled somehow. As a child, sweets helped to make it feel better somehow, but as an adult, they get used to stuffing more and more to just fill that void. But there is never an end, because there is a lack – the feeling that there is always a lack, and you want more and more.

The desire to be smaller, and to be smaller, must not be the first, you want to disappear, somewhere in the middle, so that no one will notice and pay attention, because there is still dissatisfaction with your appearance.

In order not to be first, it is necessary to create barriers, which means gaining a lot of weight so that you are not the first in life. To be a big obstacle, to stop moving, to retreat is justified, not to be beautiful and not to stand out. This is how the subconscious runs the program – gaining a lot of weight to be a real brake on life.

Why does a person always carry 10 or 20 kg. overweight. and there is no way to change that? The weight limit is determined by the self-value.

By punishing, bending, grieving oneself, a person is convinced that it is not worthy to look healthy and beautiful, it means punishment and dissatisfaction with oneself.

The punishment is to destroy yourself, put poison in yourself – sugar and E elements to live shorter because you have a fear of death. It expresses self-dissatisfaction, self-love, low self-esteem, and distrust.

Therefore, anything can be done, but the limits set to be happy and beautiful, the right weight does not allow to be.

Weight imbalance is associated with low self-esteem, deficiency, insufficiency.

One simply associates eating with happiness and is unconsciously convinced that the tastier the food, the happier it will be. Such faith comes from childhood when there have been past events, e.g. mom baked delicious pancakes and it was the only time the child was happy / delicious to eat. And when moms are not nearby or loved ones are not nearby, the emptiness seems to be supplemented only by delicious food.


There is no back, very close, father or mother betrays, or a close person. The back is empty, the winds are raging, there is no reliable security there.

A person can get sick, have a cold in the back, or experience any kind of pain because they do not feel the support of loved ones.

Lower back – time center, stability.

Education and concentration

It’s a sense of worthlessness, like what you’re doing is wrong because someone can do better. And when overall self-esteem drops, the student doesn’t even want to try because they are frustrated. Therefore, the so-called “laziness” does not even begin. Then there is a need to stay at home – the student comes up with illnesses that are justified by the need not to study. Although in reality all this is only because the child feels inferior. Treatment should start with self-cultivation.


This is a KNOWN space, full of CONTROL.

The man says, “I want to TRY to learn, to learn more, to develop, to progress, to evolve – but into the FUTURE.”

The illusion has already been created that procrastination requires effort, and it is difficult, because if you do not try, it will not be enough (as I mentioned earlier, the meaning of the word to try in the subconscious means to do nothing). And it puts you in the corner because doing nothing, nothing comes out.

But there was a belief that the known space controlled is computer games. Everything is clear there, nice, good, because it is known. But human progress occurs when one goes into unknown spaces, when one is curious, when one wants to learn something new. Real joy when one learns, overcomes obstacles of some sort – then confidence grows, real satisfaction, self-pride.

The mind is designed to protect us, so it keeps us in a familiar space. But in order to grow, progress, experience real joy, happiness, satisfaction – We must be more than MIND.

“I want pleasure at all costs!”

The price of whose? Body, pain, discomfort to the body, but at the same time fun. Contrast situation, fun, but also unpleasant for the body.

Such fun was experienced by a person as a child, with a father, an important person. Whether it hurt, the body was not pleased, but felt parental love, which is in the first place.

And to feel parental love over and over again, the child discovered chocolate. It is fun to eat him, to overeat him, and it does not matter that the body does not like it, it is not good, because parental love is more than love for one’s own body.

Therefore, the cause of all addictions, the lack of love, in this case – parental love. Deception, illusion, if you suffer, it will get more love. But parental love, and mother’s love, is in our hearts, in us. It is the beginning of man, the love of two people.

And she already is, just remember and feel it.

And your father really wouldn’t want you to hurt and torture yourself for his love.

This is a huge mix.

Therefore, food is never enough to clog the lack of love.

Chocolate – when you want chocolate, it is a lack of fathers, masculine love.

Wealth / abundance

Man’s beliefs from childhood, when he was seen in the environment, maybe to others, maybe to himself, a great misery, a very terrible miserable life, causing despair, unnecessaryness, feeling – nothing, poverty. It makes you feel like you have to work hard, even sacrificing yourself, but never be poor. It creates boundaries and fear. It causes cramps and heaviness, hard work, effort, even sacrificing yourself and your health.

On the other hand, the limit of wealth is that if you are rich, it is dangerous again, because you can steal or even kill for wealth, you are afraid to even die if you are rich.

Then a person chooses the middle class, that is, not to be in poverty, but not to be rich. It means for fear of wealth giving up opportunities, success, not accepting wealth because it is dangerous. And the fear of being poor is detrimental even to health and well-being, as there is a well-established belief that hard work is needed.


Malignant tumor – loneliness, detachment and carelessness / desire to create anxiety to feel happier. That’s why the name-cancer is being created, that’s how fullness feels, because there’s really something to take care of now and loneliness isn’t that painful.

The struggle for existence. The fight never ends. Even when there is nothing to fight for, the cell itself has programmed to continue to fight because it still believes that fight is happening even though it is no longer there.

What to fight for? With such a belief, a person is looking for reasons to fight. Therefore, if a seemingly hopeless situation arises, the cell begins to fight for its state for survival. But the universe has created a system – it can only survive in the flow of light.

A person recovers when he feels that it was just an old struggle, which is gone and stops fighting.

Peace with you liberates.



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