3 types of life – Amorati

3 types of life

💫There are 3 types of life!

– The future.

– The present.

– Past.

⚠️An interesting fact is that many people usually live either in the past or in the future.

How to understand living in the past?

“Ah, how good it was when I was little…. Oh, how much, we had then.. It was better to live with those officials..”
How to understand living in the future?

“Here’s to a few years from now when I do it.. I’ll be able to afford it…”

Well, to live in the present is to accept the fact and understand where you are now. And you know what is the difference between rich and poor people in every sense?

🪐Rich people live here. At this moment. They realize how much they earn now and what they can afford NOW, not sometime in a few years.

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