I AM LOVE – Amorati


🎵I wrote a song while I was sleeping – it came in a dream.

The answer came, why I travel so much, I keep moving everywhere.

🏖️I live in the north, where there is a lot of snow, so I am thinking of running to Spain, where there is a lot of sun and a warm sea. I really, really believed that it would help me be happy.

I couldn’t figure out what was wrong, why everything was still the same. No matter how it looked from the side that I was living super well… Inside there was nothing at all.

Answer: I ran from myself all over the world. I wanted to hide in the world from myself. His eyes lit up and his heart opened. Unconditionally. I feel that I am love in every sense.
I am because I am.

I have every right to it because I was born on this earth.

I don’t need to prove it or do anything else for it. I am a creation of love – God. And all that is about suffering and pain is not love.

❣️I realized what love is. I am love. And I don’t need to prove it.

Every person is unique – a genius.

Realizing this, we free ourselves from imposed dogmas.

Turn off the switch, unplug and escape to this paradise. remember From anxiety, fear, guilt, victim – and again, and again. Take and in one moment – disconnect. In the next moment there is love and light.

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