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➡️ Procrastination is the most common cause of failure. Let’s stay consistent in achieving our goals.
Also, it is extremely important to praise yourself, to be happy with yourself.

💕This means repeating words to yourself – I love you, you are smart and wise, you do everything well, you are a champion, etc.
One of the characteristics of successful and rich people is that they repeat to themselves – you are a successful person, you are a rich person.
Let’s not be afraid to say these words, because by repeating them we will attract wealth and allow ourselves to feel rich.

💰Money, financial wealth is not available to those who spend too much time thinking about poverty.
For example: the client kept repeating – why is there still no money? Money keeps coming, but it runs out very quickly.

During hypnotherapy, it became clear that rich people look bad to her. She wants to become rich, but she is a good person, so it is not meant for her.
It’s not bad to be a rich person, on the contrary – money gives you the opportunity to be useful, to make a difference, to help those who need support.
If other people start criticizing us, we have a choice in how we react to it.
The best way is to remind yourself and tell the other person that these are your words, they are not about me.

Let’s not let others bring us down.
Let’s aim to be among the top 20% in our field. It provides a balanced and comfortable life, peace.
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