How to consciously reprogram the body? – Amorati

How to consciously reprogram the body?

How to consciously reprogram the body?

1. Sleep
2. Meditation, hypnosis
3. Movement, sports, yoga
4. Harmony of emotions
5. Food that is as natural and least processed as possible.

Sport is an integral part of our pure soul and brains.
The most important thing is calm, clear consistency, this is how you gain trust.
Yoga is a great choice, practicing it for you will do all the work.

Yoga is more than a sport or just a movement. It connects the main bodies – physical, conscious and spiritual. This leads to the harmonious being of being. Thus attracting only wonderful, perfect experiences.

Yes, regular yoga practice really tones the muscles of the whole body. But it is far more generous. Yoga also teaches you to enjoy everyday details, gives energy to the body, mind and spirit of vitality and optimism.

– Yoga exercises have a great impact on your body. Turns, leaning forward, reclining – this is a great way to improve digestion, blood circulation, lymph flow. Certain exercises improve the work of the heart, help eliminate toxins. And don’t forget that yoga forces even the most secretive, smallest muscles to work.

– Concentration on yourself. Yoga teaches patience, self-reconciliation and endless attention and devotion to one’s body and thoughts. When you focus only on your senses, thoughts and being “here and now”.

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