As time flies… – Amorati

As time flies…

💫As time flies and everything passes…

It seems that not long ago I was an unhappy millionaire who forgot the true joy of life.

⛲️It seems that just recently I was happy with my marriage, my new dream home in Spain with my family.

And just recently, just 3 years ago, I thought the end of the world had come when my beloved husband was killed.

I cried, I fell, I broke into the smallest bubbles. And it passed.

Another time has come, an appreciation of the fragility of life, an appreciation of the joy and happiness of life.

📚New sciences, perceptions, awareness.

The most interesting thing is that I remembered myself, what I like, what makes me happy, where I can sink and time disappears.

🙏Thank you Donatus for waking me up, experience, tears and joy.

🔅Now I live in joy, in the discovery of every day.

💕I love and kiss my children, we experience a fairy tale, paradise, laughter, love, liberation, lightness.

What is your story, the awakening, the vision, the big AHA moment?

💐As Mother’s Day approaches, we will give away 3 Amorati amulets for special stories.

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