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Introducing myself

💎I would like to introduce myself
That there would be clarity and transparent transparent purity.

I am a certified RTT Clinical Hypnotherapist, I work online.

The world’s best hypnotherapist Marisa Peer @marisapeertherapy, who works with Royal members, Olympic players and Hollywood characters, is a graduate.

Before hypnosis came to life, I was and am a tax lawyer who graduated in business law in Oslo, Norway.

Having opened a Lithuanian school in Norway, Drammen, under the name “Žilvinas”. The school has about 60 students every year.

I am the chairman of Drammen Lithuanian community and Oslo, Norwegian Lithuanian community.
During my tenure, I united the Lithuanian communities into one.

I am an author, play instruments, sing jazz and use my voice for healing pills. A hypnotic, healing voice.

I practice music, sing, play violin, piano, hang pan, Push 2, Loop.

I have participated in big stages and stadiums abroad. Two albums of absolutely healing music have been released, you can find them everywhere by typing my name. App Amorati Hypnosis app.

The first book “The Subconscious Dictionary … secret…” is currently being published (the title of the second part of the book has not yet been revealed).

We are going to Eurovision, preparations are underway. 2024 winning year

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