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Panic attacks


A panic attack is a spontaneous, episodic state characterized by intense feelings of fear and anxiety.

Most often, panic attacks occur in everyday situations where there is no real danger or a specific reason that can provoke a great feeling of fear.

A panic attack does not happen in one day, tension, unpleasant, painful events accumulate here systematically for some time.

Often the reason is not even understood.

Therefore, hypnotherapy is an excellent tool, and during it, a person remains sufficiently alert, but has the opportunity to “travel” through the depths of the subconscious and discover the root of why panic arises.

When you know the reason, only then can you eliminate it and thus be absolutely free from any fears and panics.

The best part is that it stays forever. Because when you realize the cause of the problem, when you know the real truth, it’s impossible to say you don’t know.

Sooner or easier, the mind recognizes the real truth and the problem disappears forever, irreversibly.

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