The subconscious mind speaks an easy language to children – Amorati

The subconscious mind speaks an easy language to children


👩‍🏫Why are children not doing well in science and why is it so difficult for some to concentrate on one job? Treatment for children is different from treatment for adults.

Children are not looking for problems, they are not interested in the negative – they are looking for the positive.

🎓In a hypnotic state, we asked the child’s subconscious: “why doesn’t he concentrate at school, study well?”.

The subconscious led directly to the answer of how to concentrate.

Not even looking for what was wrong.

〽️In a beautiful and understandable way for a child, the subconscious describes where the concentration is.

In a hypnotic state, the 10-year-old child fell into a memory when he sat down on his bicycle and started riding.

It was a two-wheeled bike that required concentration. This moment taught the child to concentrate in all matters: at school, reading, writing, calculating, learning.

The subconscious mind speaks to children in a language they can easily understand.

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