Self-hypnosis. What is it? – Amorati

Self-hypnosis. What is it?

✨ And do you know that you are in hypnosis every day, often without knowing it?

In fact, we are in hypnosis all the time. In one form or another of hypnosis. Whether sitting and looking at one point or looking at the sun, we hypnotize ourselves.

🛵 Or when driving on autopilot and driving, again – we hypnotize ourselves – without even noticing that we are not in that car, but we are somewhere in the plans, in another place. For example, even when listening to some information – we take that information and record it in our subconscious.

Therefore, it is very, very important to observe, to learn to notice – where and when you are hypnotized. Just automatically, by itself, as if it were normal.

Learn and master the habit, observe daily hypnosis, learn to quickly change programs to what you really want. This is self-hypnosis.

🗝️ This is the greatest tool you can use for yourself, namely reprogramming yourself.

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