Parents are our Roots – Amorati

Parents are our Roots


Parents are our roots, through them we came to this experience.

Reconciling with parents, regaining connection with them, we gain depth in life, real self-confidence.

Whatever kind of parents they are, they gave that spark – life to You, so it is important to ask forgiveness from your parents, it just frees you from the very root.

Then one feels completely full.

With gratitude to realize and get out of the biggest messes that maybe the parents didn’t do as much as they should have or something like that.

Realize that parents gave as much as they could at that time, loved as they were taught to love their parents. And this is liberating, comes the realization that they are the teachers that we have chosen ourselves and come through them.

It is only thanks to them that we are on this earth and this awareness alone heals to the deep roots.

Roots – what are they?

A flower or a tree cannot grow if the roots are damaged, in bad soil.

Therefore, we start healing from the deep roots, only then does that real full-fledged healing and awakening take place.

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