We must learn to listen to ourselves! – Amorati

We must learn to listen to ourselves!

First of all, we draw a picture of the situation inside us, in the spirit, in the subconscious, and only later do we see it in our visual world, the thoughts automate.

After all, everything we have learned in this life: to keep a spoon, to swim to drive, to run, we succeed only because we practice it all the time, it has become our habit.

You know, the subconscious has the ability to accumulate everything that we patiently put into it.

And it can be reflected in your reality at any time.

It’s like a computer, it’s what’s already recorded, the subconscious takes and restores.

A simple life example – You want to get rich, but you usually talk about deprivation, you say you are constantly short of money. In other words, a stronger, superior impulse overcomes what you repeat to yourself every day – thoughts of deprivation.

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