Low self-esteem – why? – Amorati

Low self-esteem – why?

Why do some of us have such low self-esteem?

🌚Belittling and reducing yourself – the feeling that you are not worthy of life, love, joy, happiness, wealth.

This happens when a person has experienced great pain from his closest relatives, usually his parents.

Let’s say it’s not welcome, it’s not even worth living.

Because of that great pain, it is decided that it is better not to show it as it is.

❌ Feelings are closed, it is decided not to feel pain, which means not to feel joy either.

We put up walls and the gifts of the universe can no longer reach our hearts.

✨A person can have huge opportunities just around the corner, but simply not accept them, sabotage them and create one or another obstacle in order not to feel them.

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