Word “Never” – Amorati

Word “Never”


When saying the word never, strong energy accumulates, directed towards what you don’t want.

⚡️As this energy continues to accumulate, it becomes a node from which the same energy multiplies more and more. And it doesn’t matter that you said “Never” – the Universe doesn’t know or read whether you want what you say or not, it just follows your instructions. And that “Never”, with the whole story, is increasing.

For example, a woman came to a personal session wanting to find out why her husband behaves rudely and aggressively with her.

Under hypnosis, her subconscious transported her back to her childhood when she saw her father beating her mother. At that moment, she decided that she would “never” have such a man.
The girl’s emotion when making this decision was so strong that this scenario is repeated in her and her children’s lives.

Remember that you attract into your life exactly what you put the most energy into.

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