Do you love and believe in yourself enough? – Amorati

Do you love and believe in yourself enough?


Today’s test for you:

List your 3 main roles, purpose.
For example: I am a woman, a wife, I am a mother, I am a good worker, I am beautiful, wonderful, smart, etc.

Do not hesitate for a long time, write what thoughts come to you. It could be anything.
Did you write?
What do you see?

These words reveal your priorities in life. In the first line you wrote wife, mother?

So, it’s not surprising at all, but the most important thing for you is the happiness of your family – that’s how it should be.

But where are you on this list? Your happiness?

I understand, we have been taught to give more than to receive. But self-love is the basis for everything.

Practice it. You are amazing and you are the best!

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