The main ‘medicine’ is Self-Love – Amorati

The main ‘medicine’ is Self-Love

People living with addiction can be helped by loved ones.

In order to help, it is important to do it with understanding and love, not to emphasize that you have failed to overcome addiction again and again.

A person himself knows what he is doing wrong, he does not need to be reminded of it.

Such emphasis does not help, but rather deepens the problem and harms both the one whom one wants to help and those who are helping.

In this case, the person helping feels superior and better than the person who is sick. This further boosts one’s ego due to perceived superiority. The one you want to help falls even lower.

If a close person’s harmful habit bothers you, it means that you have to learn a lesson.

Especially to review the ego in yourself and what bad habits you have in yourself.

The main medicine to help yourself free yourself from bad habits is self-love.


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