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Addiction to computer games

This is a KNOWN space, full of CONTROL.

The man says, “I want to TRY to learn, to learn more, to develop, to progress, to evolve – but into the FUTURE.”

The illusion has already been created that procrastination requires effort, and it is difficult, because if you do not try, it will not be enough (as I mentioned earlier, the meaning of the word to try in the subconscious means to do nothing). And it puts you in the corner because doing nothing, nothing comes out.

But there was a belief that the known space controlled is computer games. Everything is clear there, nice, good, because it is known. But human progress occurs when one goes into unknown spaces, when one is curious, when one wants to learn something new. Real joy when one learns, overcomes obstacles of some sort – then confidence grows, real satisfaction, self-pride.

The mind is designed to protect us, so it keeps us in a familiar space. But in order to grow, progress, experience real joy, happiness, satisfaction – We must be more than MIND.

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