The greatest love starts with SELF-LOVE – Amorati

The greatest love starts with SELF-LOVE

Let’s talk a little about yesterday….
Tell me, do you believe in Valentine’s Day? Do you give more love that day than usual?

This celebration is basically dedicated to love, which often provokes strong reactions from people.

On this day, we tend to expect the attention and love of a loved one, thus feeling valued and adored.

Also, there is a tendency to reject this day – calling it a fictional celebration designed to make single or unmarried people feel “unfit” for a relationship.

Be that as it may, it is a day of love, or it is a simple ordinary day – the best way to find love – you have to take care of yourself first.

Whether you are happily single, in a couple, or looking for love, love for yourself will enrich your life and relationships in ways you never thought possible.

The greatest love begins with SELF-LOVE!

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