What is subconscious? – Amorati

What is subconscious?

Why do we hear about it so often and why is it so important?

The subconscious is described as part of the psyche or consciousness, it is like a mysterious place where unique things that change our lives are born. The subconscious is not an object or some thing that we can fully understand, somehow touch.

Our childhood is subconscious, the experience of the stage that influences today’s “I” to make certain decisions has an established attitude towards certain things.

The subconscious affects not only our thoughts, but also our bodies, and the best proof of that is the well-known feeling when, when you touch something you already know, memories come back, your heart beats, you sweat, and so on.

So, we can safely say that the subconscious is a fan of our quality of life and in order to change something, you have to go back to where you have been before.

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