How did I get here? – Amorati

How did I get here?

In Norway, I was the embodiment of complete logical thinking.

There were numbers everywhere, I even graduated in tax law and set up a big accounting company, I became a good tax strategist. Although you know, if I did the same thing again now, I would operate on a completely different principle and believe that my company would become the largest in the country.

But it wasn’t a vocation in my life, so I allowed myself to believe I would be where I needed to be.

I am now a creator of my own reality, I am a happy woman and I enjoy every day.

I am a mother of four wonderful children. I also wake up with gratitude and joy in the morning. I live in this day, I feel like a small child, I enjoy the sun, flowers, smells, laughter of children.

Every moment is a miracle that is realized as ideas and instructions on what and when to do, who to contact, what to do to give more happiness to others and yourself.

Also remind us of who we are and what we have experienced here.

Give people hope that anything is possible and feel unbreakable joy.

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