You create your reality! – Amorati

You create your reality!

Take responsibility for your world.

It is an essential moment to take responsibility for your life and creativity, to completely abandon accusations against those around you and yourself, to free yourself from pity, regret, criticism, condemnation and hatred.

If you take responsibility, you start living a full life.

Because everyone creates their own world.

We create our world with thoughts, feelings, emotions. It is our body, mental and physical state of health, relationships in the family with loved ones, relationships with people and the world around us, activities, financial situation.⠀


This law of the Universe always exists and works, whether you take responsibility for whether you create it or not.

Illness is a signal of a disturbance of balance and harmony with the Universe. The disease is only an external reflection of the worldview of thought.

Illness is a signal that behavior needs to change, and so does life.


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