The conviction that a person is too bad, too poor… – Amorati

The conviction that a person is too bad, too poor…

😞Convincing that a person is too bad, too poor, does not have as much as others have, is lonely, creates a feeling of insecurity.

Then you need to control everything, and for this you need to activate the mind strongly to know everything, to observe others.

☄️The head is just hot, the mind is overheated with endless thoughts.

Insomnia even at night, the mind is tense, just to control everything correctly – to feel useful. This is how a migraine takes hold.

When the root cause of the migraine is discovered in the subconscious mind, we untie it and let it go.

Then it seems that she is gone, everything is fine again. However, migraine relief consists of two parts.

🟠First of all, she comes out with understanding, understanding – when the migraine was created.

In childhood? Are we born? Or even while still in the mother’s womb?

🟢The second part – the migraine goes away in 2/3 days. Pain of maximum intensity occurs.

The strongest expression of migraine occurs. Everything works out this way.

That’s why this pain is the strongest – all the years of migraine experience pass, all colors at once.

It is necessary to know this and prepare for it.

This is the last manifestation of a migraine.

✔️So it is important to let it go – not to stop it, not to be scared. First the root comes out, then the plant itself, the nettle itself.

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