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How to learn to control your thoughts?


💫One of the most popular questions is how to learn to control your thoughts.

It is your choice to stay in the past, or to be in the future, in the illusion of what has not yet happened.

To be in the present?

And choose the interpretation of the moment:
They are:
Positive – negative.
Black White.
OK – wrong.
Happy – sad.

✨You choose how to experience this moment.
And what energy to spread from yourself to the environment, what emotion to create around you.

Stop and decide.

🌺Be open and watch your thoughts. Separate negative thoughts from positive ones, evaluate where they lead?

Repeat positive statements to yourself. For example, instead of saying “I can’t, I’m not successful, nonsense, bad” say “I choose to be able, I choose freedom, joy, love”.

Meditation and hypnosis help to get rid of negative thoughts and reduce stress. Depending on your topic, you can choose from many hypnosis available in my online store. Feel free to try it and it’s free.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a psychological therapy that helps people understand how their thoughts affect their feelings and behavior, and understanding is the ultimate power.

Hypnosis is the medicine of the present! Therefore, learn to use the power of your mind and you will soon notice how your thoughts and life change for the better.

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