Self-love / I am enough – Amorati

Self-love / I am enough



What to do when you feel inadequate?
What to do when you don’t love yourself? Who is to blame for this?
Why not lose weight? Why is the image in the mirror unsatisfactory?
How many people ask these questions to me.

All the problems lie inside you!
🧘🏼‍♀️ Find the cause, free yourself.

I recommend my hypnosis – Self-love / I’m Enough.

Only 21 days and you will feel freedom, love, joy, bliss, fall in love with yourself. As we know, it all starts with ourselves, so if the feeling of fullness and love is felt in the heart, then we bring fullness and love into our lives.

You will rediscover yourself, remember that you are perfect, wonderful, and no longer need to stretch or press yourself to feel Divine Bliss within you.

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