NEW name – DIEAZ – Amorati

NEW name – DIEAZ

New name – DIEAZ

I changed the surname because during the meditation came clear information with a vision that it must be different sound, vibration of my name, in order to achieve my great visions.

Very unexpectedly, I hadn’t even made such a request, but a very clear vision came up.

Dieaz – in music grammar means half a ton higher than bemol – half a ton lower. In that feeling, it’s a little higher. With the music helping to elevate a little higher into the light.

As Tony Robbins says that difference between first and fourth place is very small, it’s only 2 millimetres more. Any Olympic athlete works hard to achieve the goals, but everyone takes different places in the chart in the end.

And I myself that half a ton higher – Dieaz.

I create healing music, it is absolutely about the harmony of the soul, the evolution. Being, feeling in the vibration of love, gratitude and compassion. Lift a little higher.

I used to ignore the information which was coming from the source, but now I trust the source and do as the realisations come.

I invite you to listen to the works on the most famous platforms around the world – YoutubeSpotifyApple music and many more. You can tag my music on Instagram and Facebook.


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