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Overeating is one of the biggest problems we all face.

We reward ourselves with more food when we celebrate and accomplish goals. In the same way, we punish ourselves by overindulging in rich foods, such as delicious sweets.

🥐  Our belly is the seed of emotions.
So overeating is used for both sides – to push down the emotions felt at the time.

🍼 The root is found in our childhood.

The sweetest, most suitable fat food is mother’s milk. The baby remembers his mother’s milk and realizes that when he felt bad, was hungry, or did not like something – the warm, sweet, perfect mother’s milk always calmed him down.

When a child grows up, he eats such sweets as ice cream and realizes that sweetness equals good feelings, a good feeling.

This creates false beliefs that food fixes everything and is the answer to security and love.

⚡️ It is interesting that when a person is addicted to alcohol, for example, they often switch from one addiction to another – to the chemistry of sugar/sweets.

Thanks to hypnosis, we can erase the old program and replace it with a new program.


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