Wisdom tooth pain – why? – Amorati

Wisdom tooth pain – why?

💫A client came to a personal session with a very painful wisdom tooth, she was afraid that she would have to pull it out.

During the session, we asked the subconscious, why is this happening?

The subconscious took us to adolescence, when she saw how others hurt, saw that the wisdom tooth is a problem that needs to be pulled out.

🦷 When she grew up, her teeth started to hurt even before she noticed that her wisdom tooth was growing, because this subconscious program, the record, immediately activated.

In hypnosis, looking at this belief and asking yourself: do I really want to believe that I have to be in pain? The conviction was gently and easily overturned.

When she opened her eyes, the client no longer had toothache. And this is just one example of how beliefs from childhood and adolescence work.

As children, we accept everything that happens in our environment as pure truth and it is written into our subconscious as a program that is activated later in life when faced with a similar situation.

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