Smoking – Amorati


When children want to identify with their parents and see them smoking, they become convinced that if they behave like adults, they will become adults themselves.
🚭 However, after becoming addicted to smoking, a teenager also makes sure that it relaxes – relieves, improves.
But is it really better for the body and it relaxes?
After all, we all understand that after smoking, the heart beats faster, you feel a lot of stress, and the body becomes numb.
When a person discovers those childhood, adolescent beliefs – they can simply be erased and cleansed, realizing that smoking is not about relaxation.
🫂 Smoking is also related to the concept of a friend – not feeling lonely, fitting in.
Smoking has formed a large community of smokers, so when a person feels lonely, by not smoking he finds someone to belong to and fit in with. When you realize that you don’t have to fit into this community, quitting smoking becomes easy.
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