Sexuality is intimacy, a secret. – Amorati

Sexuality is intimacy, a secret.

Why does intimacy disappear in relationships?
Often, when children are born in families, the desire, lust for sexuality disappears?
Although we know that it is very healthy, that it rejuvenates, gives energy, passions.
When people meet, they are attracted to each other and because of the attraction, because of that unknown and mystery, we feel the passion, the desire to love.
After many years together, especially when children are born, that household appears, everything is very clear, they become closer to the point that there is no more space for secrets and in the finale, the feeling of brother and sister comes. And then the partner is no longer attracted, there is no passion left.
Sometimes when children are born, women start calling their husbands, aunt, father, just because you repeat what the children call them, but these are words, this is a naming and of course, then there is no more attraction, intimate attraction for the person you call father.
🌙 To get back on track, you need to recreate that mystery, that unknown, that was in the beginning. You go to the hotel together, there is another place, other people, and somewhere here, a secret appears.
Listen to the music that was played during the wedding, do the things you did when you first met, reproduce those feelings, remember. And little by little lust will come.
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