The story of Amorati’s name and logo – Amorati

The story of Amorati’s name and logo


I am happy to present the logo of Amorati, that came to me during one special meditation. Although even after this meditation, I couldn’t quite understand what I drew. During a pilgrimage to Mexico, to the Chichen Itza Pyramid and the library next to it, came clear explanation of this symbol.

The meaning of this logo:

  • There is the infinity symbol inside and it can have many different meanings. In the library at these ancient pyramids, I read that infinity can symbolize fear and darkness, as well as light, love and abundance.
  • In order for the infinity to be balanced, we humans need to balance and harmonize our three bodies. It is symbolized by a triangle – three bodies: physical, mental and spiritual. The symbol of infinity inside is placed in the correct position and goes in the direction we want.
  • Everything is surrounded by a circle, which symbolizes rotation in circles, cycles, as well as always rotating infinity.
  • 13 rays, according to Mayas, means 13 phases of the moon. The thirteenth ray is the most important, in this ray transformations take place. In order to continue growing, one must die and reborn again. It is a protection for the soul to grow and develop, to die and reborn, over and over again. Thus this symbol takes on the meaning, that everything is always in growth, according to the Universe.

I give thanks to Rolandas Žigonis for his help in transferring this symbol to the digital format and thus also contributing to its birth.


These words were uttered by my beloved husband Donatas (who died unexpectedly during Covid19)

After he said these words, he found a free domain and bought it without me even knowing about it. I was already talking to Rolandas about the logo at the time.

It was the time of love, passion, of both of us – we were like that name.

Love yourself – for not to forget how to love yourself, the plant helps to remember the heart, to open it for the creativity. This is why God created us, our souls – energy only flows with creativity, we are here to create.

Pilgrimage to Mexico

At the pyramids, when I was connecting with the space, the Milky Way, with Cosmic Mother, I felt what the pyramids were saying. It was the same words as I drew during my meditation- Love yourself – do what YOU want (Donatas words confirmed in a dream). This is exactly what San Pedro plant does, it opens the heart, because I read the symbolism of the pyramids with the help of San Pedro. Nectar of immortality and drink of Divinity. The San Pedro plant is especially beautiful. It’s cactus flower has created both, peace at home in our activities and a lot of joy.

The vibration of this flower, in every drop, simply contributes to every drop of vibration in the waters of our body. And it radiates in the heart of every cell, our physical heart and the heart of the soul. Awaken us to return to ourselves. And create.

The flower has been in the quietest sun for many years in Spain. On the same day, when we were producing the essence, one of the most powerful storms in Spain occurred. This blossom, surrounded by the rays of the calm sun, connected with the water, in a very quiet time before the storm.

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