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How to prepare for your hypnosis session?


How to prepare for your hypnosis session? Many people seek hypnosis to curb harmful habits, start new, meet with spiritual leaders, or visit a past life. However, there are some tips I can give you so you can enjoy your experience more thoroughly.



Tip 1. Before hypnosis, we recommend to drink plenty of water . We also recommend to drink some water with a few drops of San Pedro essence. It activates the heart chakra, making it easy to participate in hypnosis.

Tip 2. Before hypnosis we recommend to do the breathing exercise. This exercise helps to relax – Breathing Exercise 

Tip 3. Use scents – lavender or mint essential oils. We have also developed Hypno essential oil specifically for hypnosis.

Tip 4. During a session online, it is very important to find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for at least a few hours. Prepare the space – light a candle, scents, calm space, dim light in your room, have good quality headphones

Tip 5. Do not drink coffee before the session. Excessive caffeine can make a person too nervous or unable to relax to experience the best possible experience. Don‘t use alcohol, marijuana, and other stimulants that may alter your ability to communicate with yourself and / or reality.

Tip 6. Wear comfortable clothing. Whether it’s warm or cold, dress appropriately in clothing that will allow you to relax. It is important to be comfortable. You can lie down or sit during hypnosis session, make sure you feel comfortable (if you need just put a blanket). It is important that you can forget about your body during hypnosis session.

Tip 7. Plan your time well. You don’t want to be late for a session, whether it’s in a group online or in a therapist’s office. Also, plan some time after the session so you can just sit with your thoughts in a quiet space. I highly recommend meditation and yoga before or after a session to help release any toxins and further connect your body with the mind.

Tip 8. Eat in moderation before a session. Foods that will not upset the stomach. It is important that you are not both hungry and have to hear noises from your stomach during the session.

Tip 9. If you have questions about hypnosis or want to explore certain things that you have read about or feel a close connection with, take some time to write down your thoughts and feelings about those things and bring them to your session. Also, drop any preconceptions and expectations about what might happen to you. Trust the process and go to the session with an open heart, knowing that you will go where you need to and see what you need to see.



Tip 1. Drink plenty of water and then eat something light (A small piece of chocolate is great for this.) Hypnosis can be dehydrating and cause a variety of feelings for some clients. It is a deep experience that can open your deepest feelings.

Tip 2. Be open to a new perception of yourself and a new perspective on the world.


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