What influences the onset of eating disorders? – Amorati

What influences the onset of eating disorders?

If so openly, in my eyes, it is a huge influence on the social environment, its norms.

Recently, low body weight has been glorified.

As a result, women who “do not meet” standards are under great pressure.

After all, this period is difficult enough for all of humanity.

We are too irritated, impulsive, prone to extremes.

However, living in such a disease is very difficult, it is a constant struggle with yourself, your thoughts.

Fatigue, chills, irritability, these are the feelings that are equal to that person all tVisi puslapiaihe time.

If you notice that you have bad eating habits that interfere with your daily life, make you feel bad both psychologically and physically, do not be afraid to ask for help and find a way out.

This is your life, don’t let anyone poison your subconscious!

You are the most beautiful and wonderful. Do you believe?


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