You only need 21 day – Amorati

You only need 21 day

Want to get out of the current situation? Not as it is now?


All you need is discipline and consistency.

Change is not always pleasant because our minds do not like to do what is unfamiliar to them.


Why does he have to leave his usual comfort zone now?

After all, everything that happens is not your fault, for some the man is guilty, for others it may be the wife, mother or father, everyone is to blame.

We adapt to the situation. It seems to us “all is well” when such situations are familiar and common to the mind.

Everything is very simple, when you start creating or moving towards a new version of yourself, the version you “ordered” yourself, the old one just dies.

The visions and words released into the universe are transmitted.

And you have a chance to see, feel, new opportunities you haven’t seen before. Because this is a change.

You only need 21 day.

You must follow the instructions on days of 21.

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