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Inner peace

Inner peace.

A person’s peace is lost when there is resistance inside him, when two opposite feelings are felt at the same time: fear and courage, a great desire to control the feelings to feel good, anyway.


This means that when a person feels bad, he plays out that in fact everything is fine because then it is easier to control everything around. Then there is still fear, loneliness, bad feelings, and everything inside us is boiling.

You want to hide from reality, put on a mask, ignore real life.

When all emotions are intercepted, then anger, fear, unpredictable actions, lack of self.

Because we want to look calm, even though there is always chaos inside.

This leads to distrust of oneself, oneself and others.



To allow yourself to feel the way it is, you just need to experience both black and white, fear and courage, these are normal feelings.


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