Can you imagine what our words can do? – Amorati

Can you imagine what our words can do?

Have you ever noticed what you are saying?

My other half is about a partner.

And this phrase seems like a very innocent saying, but it works deeply.

When a partner is called the “other side” the subconscious scans outrageously.

A person is just a unit, a whole full unit, if he starts calling another person next to me “my other half,” the subconscious responds.


A client came who had a heart arrhythmia. When we asked the subconscious where the main root was, it was precisely that the woman called her husband “my other half.”

Repeating this often, the words materialize and the heart begins to diverge, the arteries of the heart of the stage begin to produce, new veins still form, and when blood enters there, the heart does not receive a strong pulse to maintain a steady rhythm.


Can you imagine what our words can do?

Through hypnosis, a woman realized that she is a whole unit and her partner is also a unit.

She immediately began to breathe more calmly, relief came.

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