This post will touch many! – Amorati

This post will touch many!

I try – do you like to say that?

“But I’m working hard.”

In fact, it shows that a person is stuck and doesn’t really know how to get out of a situation.

Sometimes you don’t even notice when you’re very self-punching, punishing, even prone to addictions.

There is a huge delay, which brings stress, panic.

When in fact instead of trying, you need to do it right away, in the current time.


If you are told to try to lift your leg, try to lift your leg now, see how you try. How much did the leg rise? Not at all.

And now, just lift your leg.

She gets up right away, right?

The more you think you are trying, the more stress and panic there is.

Need to take and do it now.

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