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About panic attacks and emotion management

I often get questions from you about panic attacks.

💥 It’s a very unpleasant experience that can hit anyone. In this condition you cannot control the situation, you are afraid to die, you are short of air, your chest is beating, your heart rate is getting higher and you are sweating….

⚡️ A panic attack is basically very similar to a heart attack, so we are afraid to die during the attack.When an internal conflict takes place inside us, a panic attack can strike us unexpectedly, here and now, as emotions begin to flow over the top. This condition usually lasts up to 20 minutes.

There are several ways to control your emotions, and while some may not seem acceptable to you in this situation, trust me – they are effective:

– During a panic attack, look at your image in the mirror, smile “I’m fine, I’m here and now, I’m healthy, it’s just a condition.”

– Hypnosis. Try to get out of this state, hypnosis will help calm you down, direct your thoughts.

– Lithuanians have created a mobile app “RAMU”. There are many ways you can help yourself at the time.

Remember, this is not the disease to be ashamed of. It is a state whose causes lie in your subconscious.

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