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Talking about the partners

❤️ Do you think we are choosing the other half consciously?The point is that we choose our partner to lead our subconscious.

👩🏼‍❤️‍👨🏼 Sometimes, a woman chooses a man, and her choice cannot be explained.How to choose an abuser?  Chances are her father was aggressive when she was a child and now she’s choosing a similar man and hopes that he will protect her. We already know the scenario. But…

This post will not be about men.

Let’s talk about relationships and butterflies in the belly at the very beginning of a relationship. Very soon, after about three years, the romance begins to fade, the wonderful prince becomes insensitive, and the princess a grumpy witch. So where did you go wrong? Nowhere!

👫🏼 Better ask yourself, what did you expect from this communion?The truth is that a happy life between a prince and a princess exists only in movies.
And in reality, relationships are work, not a requirement to obey, but a consistent search for compromises. Remember that finding a partner and meeting him is a subconscious mind – it is your self-coding.

🌟 You got what you always wanted!
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