Ho’oponopono mantra – Amorati

Ho’oponopono mantra

Healing musical instrument. You can listen for hours, because this mantra just leads you from the negative mood, anger, pain, frustration when there are moments to tears and you don’t want anything anymore. This mantra is magical. The words are very simple:

“I love you,


Please forgive me,

Thank you”– and so it repeats again whole mantra.

When you start listening, you don’t even notice how you start humming these words yourself. For example, you can even imagine a person with whom you have a relationship, or you are angry or something similar and just chant or sing, repeat this mantra:

“I love you,

I’m sorry,

Please forgive me,

Thank you.”

While listening to this mantra, it is also very highly recommended to imagine yourself and sing to yourself, to hum: “I love you” – feel love for yourself. “Sorry” – humility to yourself. “Please forgive me” – feel ingenuity. “Thank you” – thank you for everything I went through and still going through.

Very often you even feel this mantra to tears, which is very good, it is an indicator that you feeling it deeply. Listening Ho’oponopono mantra for at least 15 minutes changes the inner vibration of a person, feeling love for oneself and it completely changes the mood for the whole day.

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