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Learn to breathe properly

To this day, when we live in a period of anxiety, stress, fear, it is a constant companion for many people. How can we get rid of these emotions?

• Learn to breathe properly.

Breathing regulates all the processes in the body, but few people pay attention to how it breathes.

Improper breathing results in less oxygen, which slows down the body’s metabolism and builds up stress, which interferes with energy flow.

I sincerely advise everyone to search for information online, practice breathing exercises, learn to release anxiety and stress.

With proper breathing, we get enough oxygen, speed up metabolism, digestion, remove toxins and slag, and so on.

Oxygen accelerates fat burning. In addition, proper breathing and an increase in the amount of oxygen in the blood cleanses the body.

Maybe you would be interested if I filmed the video and show how it works in practice?

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