Why does cancer occur in our body? – Amorati

Why does cancer occur in our body?


Malignant tumor – loneliness, detachment and carelessness / desire to create anxiety to feel happier.

That’s why the name-cancer is being created, that’s how fullness feels, because there’s really something to take care of now and loneliness isn’t that painful.

The struggle for existence. The fight never ends. Even when there is nothing to fight for, the cell itself has programmed to continue to fight because it still believes that fight is happening even though it is no longer there. What to fight for? With such a belief, a person is looking for reasons to fight.

Therefore, if a seemingly hopeless situation arises, the cell begins to fight for its state for survival. But the universe has created a system – it can only survive in the flow of light.

A person recovers when he feels that it was just an old struggle, which is gone and stops fighting.

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