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How do you react to bad emotions, what does this say about you?

How to learn to control and not spread a negative bubble around you?

Answer the following questions for yourself:

1. How do you react if you are in an unpleasant situation:
A. You avoid this situation, run away, and don’t deal with it.
B. You ignore.
C. What happens to you overcome it.

2. How do you see anything unpleasant around you or anxious about your emotional state?
A. I try not to notice this and I imagine other things in my mind.
B. I never notice unpleasant things around me.
C. I am always in control of my emotions and I try to resolve the situation.

3. Is it easy for you to trust others? Strangers?
A. A person has to prove that he is worthy of my trust.
B. I don’t pay attention to it and I don’t care.
C. I am confident, I try to give everyone a chance.

4. How do you react to someone who annoys you?
A. I don’t interact with him. I turn around and leave.
B. I don’t care.
C. I teach both myself and the other person to control emotions.

5. How would you describe your emotional state?
A. I am quite a complicated personality. I find it difficult to achieve and maintain emotional balance.
B. I don’t think about my emotional state at all.
C. I know my pros and cons. I try to change what I can to achieve what I want.

So if you mostly collected A answers.
You tend to look at everything negatively, through the prism of the negative, around a lot that annoys you. Sometimes you even get angry because you feel hopeless. All you need to do – learn to enjoy the simple and the small!

If most of the answers are B.
You are one of those who have never learned from your mistakes, distrustful, self-confident. You can’t deal with your emotions. And the key to success is to be able to control emotions and feelings.

If at most C.
You are not afraid of new challenges, a great balance with your emotions! You know you will always achieve what you desire.

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