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Tips to help yourself during stress

Anxiety? Fear, stress are the feelings that accompany you all the time?

⛓Can’t react more calmly to today’s events? I’ll share with you some simple tips on how to help yourself.

– So take some thing you like, close it up with you in some room, alone. Relax. Breathe calmly through your nose, straighten your back, lower your shoulders, arms, try not to stretch your neck. It is normal that there will be different thoughts, maybe they will not give you peace of mind, try to ignore them.

💕 Talk to yourself. How do you feel?

You see, emotions and anxiety decrease.

Examine your item –  what color, weight, associations?

– What are you most afraid of? Accept it! What will happen if your fears come true? Will you do something, will you be able to change something? What?

Don’t think it’s simple, such an analysis is very complicated. You can take advantage of hypnosis practices to go down the stairs – you will go from easy to your fears.

– It is important to learn to think positively! Don’t put bad thoughts in your head, try to see the positive in even the most difficult situation.

Imagine the amazing consequences that change will make.

Remember, the more positive your mood, the easier it will be to overcome the problem.

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